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Gaining-Non-gaining phase

Gaining-Non-gaining phase

I have some questions about the gaining/non-gaining phase.
To give you somewhat of a view of my situation: I am on my 8th week of the newbie routine. 3-1-2-1 ON/OFF. Warmup/Stretching/Jelqing/Warmdown ~1 hour.

Here is my PI indicators:
Negative: Discoloration (darker foreskin, especially around the top covering the glans)
Neutral: Increased size temporarily, Edema (sometimes), Redness/Spotting (sometimes)
Positive: Larger flaccid during the day (Only girth-wise mostly though), Nite/Morning wood and hardness of erections are pretty much the same, hard to see a difference.

I haven’t seen any gains yet when I can read about people getting most of their gains from the newbie routine (first months).
I can see a bigger flaccid and also bigger erect unit on the session days after the workout, but as soon as I measure during the rest days it’s back to the starting size.
Is this normal since I am still so new or should I switch anything?
I have recently added fulcrums to the stretch because I got much of that “steel cord” and also added some horse squeezes in the jelqing.

How long would you give this? And what would be the next step if the gains won’t come, shock routine? Decon break? Try pumping?

Need some motivational tips from the veterans!


You are seeing typical newbie gains from a reasonable beginner’s routine.

Stay the course for another month and keep an eye on EQ.

Began December 2009 at 5 7/8" length and 5" girth.

As of December 5th 2012 7 3/8" BPEL and 6 1/8" base girth.

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Hi there how are you. The newbie routine didn’t REALLY give me gains, only marginal but I will tell you this. After 2-3 months of doing it and conditioning my penis I started clamping. I decided that at 5.9” nbpl I would just go for girth. So far I have been gaining in girth. What I believe the newbie routine does is create a spark for your penis to be able to grow once you get into the intermediate and advanced exercises. Try moderate clamping and work your way up. also have days where you focus only on stretching ( good stretching ) and I promise you will see gains in one month at the least. The fact that you may incorporate too many things into the one session is the way to condition your penis . Now its time to make those gains. target your gains, focus your exercises. Do it when you feel the time is right, not by my word, but by your own word. good luck.

Oh and by the way I don’t feel jelqing is a good girth exercise apart from what everyone says. But sure who am I to listen to? I did not gain from jelqing. However if I did focus myself to do specialist jelqing whereby You have one session of proper jelqing, then it may have been a different story.

A lot of people gain well from the Newbie Routine.

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I stretch and pump to a pretty obnoxious degree, yet always have part of the newbie routine in there.

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