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Gaining problems

Gaining problems

I’ve PE’ed on and off for the past few years. While I’ve never gotten past anything more than the newbie routines I have seen what I think are some small gains. I haven’t been all that good about keeping track of measurements and have changed measurement methods a few times, so I’m not certain that I’ve made gains. Main problem measuring is my tendons and ligaments are rather pronounced so BPL depends on how the far I manage to push against all the sinew. Anyhow, I started up a few months ago and after about 5 weeks there were no changes, so I stopped (PE is tough, as I’ve very little privacy :P). I have a bit more privacy now, so I’ve started PE’ing again, but am wondering if I’m doing something wrong or am just one of those people who gain nothing/very little. I’ve gotten much better in term of form and the like, but the end effect seems kind of, well, not quite so good anymore. The most significant change, I think, are the stretches I do. I’ve begun to mess around w/ different ones to try and see what works. For the record they are:

30 s. Up, up-rt, up-lt, rt, lt, down-rt, down-lt, down, straight out

15x crank left, 15x crank right

I use a little bit of force. Enough that I feel a definite pull, sort of like stretching a muscle.

I’ve actually had a bit of success with jelqing. I made a gain of about 3/8” but since then haven’t seen anything. Currently I’m doing 200 jelqs slow, trying to use a lot of pressure (not so much it hurts mind you).

Like I said before, I’m wondering if I’m doing anything wrong, or maybe just need to be a bit more patient and go for like 3 or 4 months before expecting to see any sort of measurable result. Maybe I even need to something more intense than what I’m currently doing.

As a side note:

I’ve found that pulling straight out or down and tensing my stomache muscles give a rather nice stretch. I think I’ll keep trying that and see if it helps things.

Oops, my bad I mean 3/16” not 3/8”. All that money on education and no one ever taught me how to read a ruler. :O

Consistency, persistence and moderation. Just stick with it on a regular basis and don’t go at it with too much pressure. Trying too hard or over powering the exercises is counter productive.

You have to ask your self a question. Everything in life comes down to one Question.. How bad do you want it? It sounds like you know what to do. Keep consistent and your on your way from there.

Hi hobbes14,

Just want to wish you luck and remember, keep your penis away from injury. How? You know it :D



7 x 6 EG is perfect!

Routine : Manual-V-Inverted V-JAI-BTC stretches (alot of stretches :D ). Wet Jelq, Pumping (once a week to maintain my girth)

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