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Gaining Length MANUALLY For NEWBIE

Gaining Length MANUALLY For NEWBIE

Hi Guys, Kanga Here - looking for Tips About Length. All advice is greatly appreciated, accepted, and welcomed.

I’m new to the game(PE), However I have been looking into improving EQ(Erection Quality), Length, and girth. I have practiced improper masturbation habits growing up, but I’m slowly rewiring the brains of my Boy. I Have began edging to help my EQ become consistent, and reliable. In which it has driven me to disparity.

In this post, I’m looking specifically for NEWBIE LENGHT Gaining Tips. I read that length is better to start with before girth. I have read up a lot on girth thus far. In doing so, there has been an empty space created about LENGTH. I Haven’t measured my dick, and I don’t plan to unless need be.

I Have begun jelqing a bit, but not consistently. I tried the advance girth routine watered down so to speak to fit my capabilities and I gave my girl the night of her dreams. However I feel as if I have done damage a bit to the EQ since then because of it.


Also, if someone knows the post I’m speaking of, tag it. I read a post here a while back giving an example of the way growth works.. The example was using a tire simulating the order of operation of growth

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