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Gaining length but losing girth

Gaining length but losing girth

First post

Hey guys I’ve been at it on the newbie routine for around a week now
I got excited when I started to notice that I’m gaining but I guess that
Was premature. I measured and while it seemed I gained .1” in length
I LOST .1” in girth. This is bad, my girth wasn’t great to begin with
And would like to keep everything I can. What can I do about this? Am I
Doing something wrong? I do warm up/down, stretch 30sx2 in the five
Directions (up, straight, left, right, down), and dry jelq at 40-80%

Need some help here

Looking for changes after just one week is way too premature. Give it 1, 2, 3 months befor complaining.

Also those 0.1” measurements are inside the measuring error zone and therefore unreliable. Erection quality makes a 0.5” difference sometimes, let alone the other variables involved in measuring.

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I agree, your EQ could very well be causing those changes…

Make a deal with yourself to measure 1 month into PE, no sooner. Then you will know for sure that the gains are credited to the hard work you have put into PE.

Good luck.

Girth varies immensely in both erect and flaccid states, my erect girth varies between 5.25 and 5.75, and on occasion I’ve had it as high as 6.125. It just depends on time of day, how horny you are, the temperature, measuring to tightly, so on and so forth. 0.1” is nothing to be worried about, I bet if you measured it again in 10 minutes it would have been different.

Are you jelqing correctly? You should actually see a rather large increase immediately (although temporary) in girth right after a good jelq session.

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