Gaining length and girth

Hi I am somewhat new to the site but I have been doing PE for around 7 months. For the first 4.5 months my routine was 40 minutes of squeeze exercises and after that I really started to change it. I now do 50 minutes of erect squeezes and bends, then 20 minutes of jelqing at around 70-80% erect, and finish with 10 more minutes of erect squeezes if I can manage to get hard at this point. I do this twice a week now, (was 4 times a week when I first started but EQ was suffering) so this lets it fully heal and allows for high EQ on PE days. I have gained .2in in girth but I have not really focused on or measured my length. If I start to hit length hard will it affect my girth gains? I was thinking of something like this; 80 minutes of girth exercises in the morning and late after noon 20-30 minutes of jelqing at 50% erect. I will throw in some squeezes too, or should I just use my girth rest days to focus on length?

Thanks guys.