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Gained Sensitivity

Gained Sensitivity

Ever since I started PE, I have experienced increased EQ. I have been very easy arouse ever since I was 15 years old. I used to get erection and sometimes still do when I talk to a girl I like. I have gained some serious sensitivity near the head of my penis and it is becoming a serious issue. I randomly get erections in the worst times because of friction from my unit with boxers. Is this a result of PE? Is there anyone else in my shoes and what are they doing to cope with this? I have recently started triathlon training and as you can imagine, friction in my pants is a “issue”.


Maybe you should just masturbate more often, that is likely to decrease your random erection frequency from unwanted ‘chaffing’.


Sound like me back when I was 16 years old.I grew out of it now at 20 years old.

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I’ll have to agree that PEing has made my meat much more sensitive. Just holding myself

Is great! Makes edging even ‘harder’- pun intended. I feel that part of it is because of our focus on

Our dick.We’re paying more attention to it. Mikey likes it!

Switch to briefs? Wear looser pants too?

As for the triathlon training, that might be difficult to manage. I’ve often thought that I could never be a professional swimmer or anything that would show my junk off for this very reason. All I’d need is for one girl to glance that direction and everyone would know the wonders of PE

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Originally Posted by Louisianimal

Sound like me back when I was 16 years old.I grew out of it now at 20 years old.

Unfortunately guys, I am 19 years old! lol I have actually switched to briefs when I work out. It stops unnecessary friction. I don’t have that problem in the pool if I am training because I am focused on what I am doing-if there is no “friction”-. I think Dookie9 is right. It might be because I just increased the time on my jelqs and have been using hand lotion instead of lobe-made the skin on my dick a lot softer-. I will try increased masturbation too.

Yes, I remember it can be embarrassing but I would enjoy it while it lasts. Some day you might even miss it.

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