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Gained a while back, but.

Gained a while back, but.

.Now I’ve lost some of my gains (I measured at about 6.1 for a while, now I’m at just around 6 flat) and I can’t seem to gain any more. It doesn’t really seem like I’ve overtrained or anything, I don’t really stretch or anything too much, in fact, I probably don’t do it enough.but even when I step it up, I don’t seem to gain anything. My EQ seems to be fine, haven’t been getting much morning wood or anything, but is fine besides for that. Any idea what I’m doing wrong or what I should be doing? I’m basically doing the newbie routine.

Well in accordance with the newb routine, have you been increasing the time that you do the exercises for, every week?

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Following the newbie routine as close as it’s possible is the best.

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Valentino, no I haven’t, that’s the thing that worries me. I’m not gaining at all, even when I know for sure I’m doing it right

anyone else?

How many days per week do you do the newbie routine?

It sounds like your doing to much. We are all different what might be passive and not adequate for someone else may actually be to much for you.

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i’m really not doing it that much, maybe 1 or 2 times a week, and even not the entire thing then, only stretching.

You must also jelq for erect gains as well. I bet your flaccid has gotten longer and fatter from all that stretching.

Speak softly carry a big dick, I'm mean stick!

unfortunately, no, not really. EQ hasn’t really changed, either.

I suddenly stopped gaining, also.
Went from 10 to 15 minutes of basic manual stretching to see if I could gain more and in 2 weeks I had no gains whatsoever.

Started to do A-Stretches and gained 0.2” in 4 days. o.o’

I have been doing PE for a year now with very good results over the course of that year. All my routines were in the evenings before I went to bed. They were all the basic newbie routines. I went from EL 5.75 to 6.5, and EG 5.25 to 5.5 I started using an extender device and doing the uli just to try to get better faster growth, but it seems I may actually be loosing a little girth. I think I am going to try going back to regular stretch with the inclusion of a v stretch then followed by some hang time to get those micro-tears expanded. Then I am going to follow it up with some jelging because that seems to be a consistent gainer in this forum. I hope this helps. I don’t think there is a real fast way to gain big.

Originally Posted by neoblaze5
i’m really not doing it that much, maybe 1 or 2 times a week, and even not the entire thing then, only stretching.

Sounds like you are under training to me. Maybe step it up a little bit.

Can PE be done while sitting down? I am starting to get really tired of standing and I normally have a vid playing so I can stay erect. I just want to know if sitting down will also get the job done.

Tman101, sitting down is perfectly fine. I do all of my PE sitting, except the last five minutes of a jelq routine . I will stand for that so I can get a good pull downwards. Other than that, I hang, pump, jelq, and stretch sitting down.

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