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Gained .3 inches in 3 weeks. Also Blue Balls

Gained .3 inches in 3 weeks. Also Blue Balls

I’ve been following the newbie routine to a T. I use a electric blanket to make sure I get a proper “hot wrap” before and after my exercises. I’ve gained .3 inches in 3 weeks, and I’m pretty excited. Should I expect a plateau soon?
Also I’ve been sustaining from ejaculation, I’m doing the “no fap” challenge along side my newbie routine. Since jelqing requires a semi erection I find myself getting blue balls often. I’ve been stoic about it and resisted the urge to masturbate. Is it possible the blue balls could damage the “internal plumbing”? Everything seems healthy, solid erections etc. But while the pain is manageable/temporary it is definitely there.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

By the way I mean .3 inches in length.

As a man with a varicocele, that’s a good question. I’m interested. I did a little research and I couldn’t come up with much medical literature on the subject, it seems like we don’t know.

If you already have a very healthy sexual response (you said you have solid erections, etc. etc.), I don’t see why the nofap challenge is too important. I’m doing it out of porn addiction (I can get a 10/10 erection to porn but 7/10 at best with a girl). If I were you, I’d play it safe and masturbate, or masturbate less than before if you want. Or you could keep this up, but keep on a lookout for any changes (like a varicocele, hydrocele, vein dilation, etc.)

Yeah, I’d do that and see how it works out. Good luck, and congrats on the gains?

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