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Gain too fast

Gain too fast

About a month ago I had an epiphany and decided I was going to get back into shape. I started a full workout load with all the supplements, creatine, hemodilators, Mega Man vitamins, and Whey protein. I also started doing PE. I saw massive gains, my penis length has grown by .5” in just one month which was great. The problem is the underside of my penis is very tender and seems to be chapped. The skin looks sort of like someone’s knuckles do when they’re very dry and cracking. I’m wondering if this is happening because I’m gaining too fast and my skin is having difficulty adjusting, or if one of the supplements I’m taking is causing this, or if I’ve contracted some STD. Has anyone ever experienced this before?

Try moisturizing regularly. Are you using lube when you jelq?

I jelq using soap when I’m in the shower

From what I’ve read so far that’s likely your problem.

Originally Posted by SecretSquirrel
I jelq using soap when I’m in the shower

Soap will dry the skin out. Use something else, for instance k-jelly or jelq dry.

Yeah! don’t jelq with soap. Soap and pee holes don’t go together. If you are going to jelq in the shower use hair conditioner instead of soap, then a moisturizer after you finish showering.

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