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Gain cementing and doing it from beginning

Gain cementing and doing it from beginning

Guys,I’m beginning now PE,18,and I’ve been seeing a lot about cementing gains, some guys say you lose you’re gains after 5 years, others say you just gotta do a maintenance routine,etc.So I’ve been wondering, I’ve got a real clear objective of 1.5-6 inches, lets say I hit that in a year of correct and gradual PE, is there something I could be doing to work on this “cementing” from now?, edging with kegels post routine would be an option?, what do you guys think?, and if not, after I reach my goals.. Well then we will see that when I get there, but for now what could I do, and what your opinion on cementing?


How about you stop starting a thread for whatever basic question thato goes through your mind and do some searches?

By cementing gains, people often mean continuing with a lesser routine to maintain that size. It’s a bit hard to do that while you are doing a routine aimed at increasing size. In the end PE seems to give some temporary gains and some permanent gains. Consider EQ improvements from PE. If this fades after PE is discontinued, then those gains will be lost. If you consider PE as a route to permanent gains but also a route to penile vitality, it may make sense to stop gaining but it doesn’t necessarily make sense to stop being healthy.

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Makes sense memento, I think you need to continue with a minimum of exercises after your achievements to maintain that pump,thanks!


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