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Gain and loss

Gain and loss

Some gains from PE will be away if stopped?

I really wonder how it will be if I stop PEing for any reasons after gains..

And if so, that means I remain jelqing for my entire life until my erection will gone away because of being old?
Well, that makes me imagine how miserable I will be for jelqing in old days to maintain my length and girth which was gained before.

What do you think?

*If it remains, it will makes me more passionate to keep going on. Haha

You can lose some if you don’t consolidate your gains. I’m 45 and had noticed about a 1/4” loss over my regular measurement I maintained when jelqing was a daily part of every shower. I laid off for about a year or so while going through a divorce. Hopefully my returning to PE will keep me healthy and screwing for as long as possible.

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