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Future Horse Question

Future Horse Question

When I get enough experience, I’m going to do some Horses 440s. I’m 95% sure I have the technique down. Question is, how many times, or reps should I slide my “ok” sign down? Could I do few regular jelqs to get the blood back up into the head, and then continue with the Horses? Thanks

I do 10 in between every 50 jelqs. Also, you should slide the OK sign down very slowly. I think I read here that you should take 15 to 30 seconds per rep. My poor weiner feels like it’s going to pop after about 10 seconds, so I usually let go about then. Make no mistake, you can really hurt yourself doing these, but they sure do feel like they are working.

here is the thread where the exercise is introduced and discussed:
Horse 440 Squeezes

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