Thought this was funny, my girth at the thickest part is actually bigger than what I originally though it to be. I was re-measuring the other day just to see if I am at the same size that I was since the last time and haven’t lost anything. I did this because I am trying to start PEing again. So my length stayed the same at 6.5bpel, and my girth was the same at the usual spots, 4.6 ( base and right at the circumcision scar) but then I decided to measure a little below the scar and found out i was 4.75. Still nothing crazy but it made me kind of happy to find out I am bigger than what i have been thinking I was all along. It appears that my girth is biggest at that scar but I guess not.

Now I need some suggestions. I want to start a stretching, jelqing, and light clamping routine. I warm up with a rice sock for 4-5 minutes before each of these. I know how to stretch and jelq and have had some experience with clamping but nothing serious. I have a cable clamp and I am thinking about super glueing some foam around the inside to make clamping comfortable and easy. Does anyone have any other ideas for comfort and ease? I plan I keeping the stretching to about 4-5 mins, jelqing around 7-8 mins, and clamping for 2 sets of 6 mins. I don’t want to start off too aggressive and I also have a gf so i don’t want to go to hard where I cant get it up for her. Ill prob keep the routine to only 3-4 times a week as well as alot of time is spent visiting the gf/school.

My goals are simple id be very happy with .5-1inch gain in length, and maybe about .5 girth gain. My prior PE journeys have been alright, giving me better EQ, better flaccid hang, but little gains in either department (only a bit in length). With these goal gains I would be somewhere between 7-7.5bpelx5.2eg. I would be very happy with this, however I am happy with what i got now because I haven’t had any problems making the girls i have been with orgasm or have a fun time.