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Funny story

Funny story

I haven’t posted in quite a while, just been busy and haven’t been staying up with what is happening here. But I got a story that I need to share that might make you laugh. I have been doing the “PE exercises for the last maybe three years or so. So I now up to eight inches bone pressed and about 5.75 in girth midshaft. My flacid lenght is around six inches which brings me to my story. I work out at this gym and this week I was in the steam room sweating away. I had enough of the heat and I stepped out to go shower, I see my hunting buddy’s son who is a freshman heading towards me. I think nothing of it, I am buck naked swining in the wind. The next day I and my hunting buddy take my son out to shoot a buck. We get him a buck and drop him off at his house. Of course his sons and wife need to see the deer. As we walk out of the house I see this kid standing on the curb near my truck. I don’t recognize him. His son says, “I think my friend is gay. Cause when when you were at the gym he said check that guy out man, he is packing”. Now I hear this and I think I know what he means but I don’t really think he really means that, maybe he was referring to some body part of mine. But he says it again saying I stepped out of the steam room just a swinging in the wind and his freind said I was packing. So it was pretty obvioius by then what he meant, of course the friend dissapeared somewhere. His dad give me this look cause he is always bragging on how big his cock is and now his son says this. It was one of those kind of embarrassing moments but also a moment of “oh yeah, told you I had a big cock”.

Any way I told my girlfrind and she agreed.

Hahahah great man. I’m happy for you.

A big cock is what men are envious of.

What was your starting status by the way?

Starting Stats : BPEL, 5", EG, 4"

Goals : BPEL, 6", EG 5"

That’s awesome. I want that to happen to me some day.

10/01/2006: NBPEL: 5.750" BPEL: 6.000"

04/01/2007: NBPEL: 6.250" BPEL: 6.750"


Originally Posted by jessedr113
That’s awesome. I want that to happen to me some day.

I just want a big dick. You can have the admiring young boys.

Cool! That reminds me of a story. I moved in with this girl but we hadn’t had sex yet. So one night we get hot and heavy and she slowly pulls off my pants. She starts staring at my dick and screams “YOUR PACKING”! I told her “wow, thanks a lot” and she replies “No, your packing. You have 5 minutes to pack up your shit and get the hell out of here with that sorry excuse for a pecker”! :p


Gut Scramblin' goodness.


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