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funny story / progress update

funny story / progress update

Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update on my progress and share a funny story with you regarding it. I was at the pool yesterday, with my gf and her brother and his gf. So we go into our separate locker rooms to change and as I’m getting changed I realized her brother was staring at me kinda funny. As I looked over he quickly turned away and continued changing. Looking down I realized that my flaccid (which happened to be somewhat on the puffy side lately) was (measuring later after making sure it was similar) 7” long and over 5” in girth. I think thats the biggest difference so far in my PE, my flaccid size has lengthened over an inch. As for updates on my other stats, now at 7.5” NBPEL, 8.25” BPEL, and 5.75” EG. I think the biggest difference is I’ve gone from being a grower to a shower! old flaccid length was a bit over 5” length and 4.5” girth.

I do have one question. Someone mentioned in another question that having newly pronounced veins is a good sign. I just want to confirm that because I’ve been getting some very new ones lately (they really do make it feel/look larger too). Also, I’ve had a very small bit of spotting on the top of the shaft about midway up. It seems very minor but is that something to worry about? I’m not really in any pain, just a bit sore after a workout (the good kinda sore, the kind where you want to go back the next day to get that feeling again). I can take pics of the spotting if necessary.

Thanks everyone :)

any help with those questions guys? Wanted to make sure I got this right before exercising tomorrow

Spots = too harsh a treatment.

You are working your penis too hard. Best to ease off the routine until they go. then when you start take it a bit easier

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Wow that’s a monster flaccid, which would make anyone turn and stare.

Yea I agree. Geez I wouldn’t mind having your old flaccid length on a regular basis house!

If my erect length was your flaccid, I’d be a happy camper.


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