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Funny Feeling in Penis

Funny Feeling in Penis

Been doing the Newbie Routine with light hanging for the last 4 months and I’ve gotten great results. I believe its about an inch or little less than that depending on how hard the erection is which is excellent gains in my opinion. Recently though when hanging and doing my newbie routine I’ve been getting a funny feeling around my pubic area.

Its feels almost like a lig pop and things seem to be moving in side. Its uncomfortable BUT not painful. I’m a little shaken up but not feeling like I lost my penis or anything like that.

I was wondering if any senior members know what this might be?

You acquired an inch in four months? Outstanding!

May you have continued success, and keep us updated.

Thanks sleepy278. I appreciate that. Yes its hard to believe but I have acquired an inch in about 4 going on 5 months now and I believe its still growing. That’s what might be this funny feeling but I don’t know if it also could mean I’m doing too much. That’s why I need someone to respond to my original post. It does not hurt but it feels a little uncomfortable.

There has to be somebody that has an opinion or some insight into what this might be. Come on, there have been 85 reads on this post you can’t all be lurkers. Do I have to say my penis fell off to get someone to respond? That’d be unfortunate :(

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