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Full fist grip ok for lig stretching?

Full fist grip ok for lig stretching?

I understand that when doing tunica stretching one would want to use an OK type grip behind the head to get a stretch on the entire length of the tunica. For lig stretches however, is it ok to grip your shaft with your entire fist and stretch that way? I feel like I have a much more solid grip with the entire hand rather than just 2 fingers. Since I’m targeting the ligs, as long as the pull is at the base it doesn’t matter what kind of grip I use, right? I just don’t understand why when people talk about BTC stretching or SD stretching that they use OK type grips when those stretches are obviously targeted at the ligs, not the tunica, unless there is something I’m missing here.

Hi there Immortality,

I’m not an expert in this field, but in my opinion if you feel good stretch with using your entire fist than its OK. For me I use an OK grip and than stretch down ward. Tunica or Lig with using OK grip works fine with me. May I know how long you’ve been jelqing? what is your measurement? and what is your routine. Thanks, seeya:) .

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