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Fulcrum Stretches

Fulcrum Stretches


Longtime lurker here. Absolutely love PE!

I have some questions about the fulcrum (A and V) stretches.

In my routine I do 3 to 4 sets of A and V stretches (alternating so A/V/A/V etc.) at 3 or 4 points long the length of the penis, holding for 15 to 20 seconds each stretch. When I do this I see immediate and temporary length and girth increases.


1. Side fulcrum stretches
I’ve only ever tried these a few times, and they sometimes feel weird, as if the urethra and blood vessels/nerve bundle above aren’t supposed to bend that way. The corpora cavernosa feel fine and stretched.
- Are these necessary for a more circular penis cross-section? As opposed to a tapeworm like wide one way but thin the other way?
- Is there any way to do the side stretches so that they aren’t uncomfortable? Maybe I should reduce the angle I pull at?

2. Bends from fulcrum stretches
I’ve been doing the A and V stretches using my finger as a fulcrum. It’s worked well so far but one thing I’ve noticed is a bigger increase/enlargement of the corpus cavernosum on one side (at rest as well as during PE) compared to the other. This may not be caused by the fulcrum stretches, but just to make sure I’ve adjusted by fulcrum finger to hopefully give a more equal load. My jelqs are usually pretty symmetric.
- Has this uneven stretching happened to anyone?
- Should I switch to a pipe instead?

3. 360 degree stretch
I’ve been toying with the idea of trying a ‘360-degree’ fulcrum stretch, meaning at every station along the penis I pull it in 6 or 8 directions (up down left right and all the diagonals) and then move along to the next station and repeat. Any thoughts or opinions on this?

Thanks in advance, and, as they say, hang low and swing heavy.

Old thread, but I’m noob.


Check my ‘Trick and tips for manual stretching’ thread.

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