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I’m putting this in the newbie forum because it’s a newbie question. I did a search and didn’t find the answer so I’ll ask it here.

Does FSL have any relationship to growth potential or is it unrelated?

I wonder this because yesterday while doing my BTC fowfer time I noticed that the head was sticking just past my tailbone and it made me think there may actually be hope for me.

Does an FSL of 8 1/8” have any relationship to a potential for a 7 or 8” BPEL someday?

My FL & FSL gain first, then EL later. I was told that FL (and FSL) gain is the sign of correct way (routine) you’ve done.

I read somewhere, the difference between FSL & EL is about more or less 1”, so if you have 8 1/8” FSL, surely 7” is potential. When I do measurement, I always check FSL to confirm my routine.

To be honest, FSL is the only thing I would measure often. I’d give the erect measurements usually monthly, while the FSL would be every other week or so.

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Thanks guys. I actually had no idea of the need to measure FSL, it just got me curious today.

Today is supposed to be measuring day but my wife was gone all day. No way to get EL without her help. No EL without E. I’ll have to get it tomorrow.


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