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Frustration with PEnewbie

Frustration with PEnewbie

I’m 18. It’s very hard doing this PE stuff.

I have 3 questions can anyone answer them?

1. Pain builds up in the head of the penis. I am circumcised. I can stop like a half inch below my penis, but my penis is under 4” when it is flaccid and 2 1/2 ” from the very base to below the head. I didn’t measure it SEMI-erect, but basically I would only get an inch or two of jelqing.
2. Do I start from the VERY base?
3. I always keep losing the erection, constantly. If I watch porn to keep it up, it goes fully hard. It is a constant battle to maintain the semi-erection. Am I supposed to do a few jelqs and when it is lost, get it up, wait for it to get to the right amount of erection, and then do a few more, and keep repeating the cycle? I can’t just jack off and ejaculate first because then I either won’t get ANY erection or I will but it will be painful.

I am just under 5” BPEL and my goal is to be 8” BPEL by the time I am 21.

1 Jelq at the amount that is comfortable for you. Consider lowering the amount of jelqs and add time to stretching.

2 I do, if you are wise you do the same.

3 Use kegels to moderate the amount of erection, not porn.

Or use kegels and porn, just ease off if you find yourself becoming fully erect. You then stop jelqing or stimulating yourself at all, and only kegel. Flexing the BC muscle without touching yourself should make it start to go a bit limp. When the erection softens a bit you can resume.

It’s going to take you some time to get the idea. Be patient with yourself.

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I’ve been there mate, so your not alone,

You get used to doing jelqs and can control the level of your erection over time.

Just keep at it :)

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4 Weeks Left On Newbie Routine

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