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Frustration Towards Stealth PE

Frustration Towards Stealth PE

I’ve been PEing for almost 2 weeks now and currently doing the newbie routine. The worst problem I have isn’t the lack of dedication but the time I have to PE (When I’m home alone!) It’s honestly about 30 to 35 minutes around the same time everyday on weekdays I have the house to myself to PE. (I’m currently doing a 2 on and 1 off day approach)

Once the house empties I head straight for the bathroom and get the water going for a warmup (5-6 min). I then stretch usually from 7-10 minutes and follow with 80-100 wet jelqs. Afterwards I will warm down for 5 minutes and by the time my PE session is complete, someone is arriving back home. (Kegels throughout the day as well)

I’m all for the less is more approach and gradually increasing the amount of time I stretch/jelq but I can’t even do that due to time restraints! Today’s session had to be cut short because by the time I was done stretching and about to start my jelqs, I heard someone arrive back at the household causing me to warm down and call it a day.

I’m not looking to enlarge my penis immensely. I’m just looking to turn a 5.8nbpel and 4.8mseg into a 6.2nbpel/5.0mseg!

So I guess I have a couple of Questions:

1) Has anyone had similar time restraint problems and if so were you able to modify your routine and gain results?

2) What little things can I do under these time conditions to continue pursuing my goals?

Well, first off, I don’t see the problem with people being around the house, as long as your door is locked. But if that is problematic, then either:

1) Wake up earlier than usual and get your routine in


2) Do them at night when everyone is either already asleep or think that you’re sleeping.

Piss pulls and bed fowfers.

regards, mgus

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I just go into the bathroom at night. If anyone asks why you’re always in the bathroom, just say you’ve started eating a lot more fiber and you’re more regular now, lol.

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It sounds like every minute counts.

Use a rice sock for warm-up. It takes 1:15 in the microwave and you can start using it before anyone leaves by wrapping it around your shaft and sticking it in your pants. Rice socks are used for general muscle aches, so just call it therapy for a sore back or groin.

Go to the bathroom to do your stretches before the house empties. You can stretch in silence. Bring something to read as if you’ll be taking your time.

If this isn’t enough time. You can also try dry jelqs. It can be done almost silently, as well, so you can do it in the bathroom while others are around. Stroke for stroke, dry jelqs take longer than wet because with wet jelqs you can use both hands and you have less trouble maintaining a consistent erection level. On the other hand, you don’t need lube and you don’t need to clean up. It may save some time or it could take longer. I think the real benefit is the silence, which frees you from the constraint of having an empty house.

I would never be able to PE if I relied on wet jelqs or hot water warm ups. Heat is very nice to have, but you can get away without it. I did without for a very long time and make most of my gains without it. A rice sock is how I do get away with it now.

The PE Ninja brotherhood is with you. Don’t give up!

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I hear ya. Try being stealth when you’ve been at it a few years. I haven’t gained in forever and the less is more approach just isn’t enough FOR ME.

I feel like if I had a solid 2 hour block of time(daily,) I would be done with the enlargement portion of my journey.

Oh well. I’m sure my girl thinks I’m weird as hell, as I spend more time soaking than a friggin’ hippo.

Originally Posted by slipstream
Use a rice sock for warm-up. It takes 1:15 in the microwave

Dear god, mine gets almost too hot to put on my buddy after 35 seconds… Maybe you got yours on defrost? Or maybe you got lots more rice in your sock…

I used to use rice sock, switched to 200w infra-red heater normally used for pain management (slipped disc in my back so that’s my excuse…), can use it in the privacy of my room now.

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Oct 12 2008: 4.5" NBPEL

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I also have almost no time at home alone. I have a wife and kids at home so I have to be completely clandestine about my PE activities. I try to do the following:
1) Jelq in the shower. I like to do some stretches and jelqs during my morning shower, under the warm water. This is usually my only time alone in privacy all day.
2) Fowfer in the car. I have a half hour drive to and from work each day so sometimes I will fowfer in the car. I keep my self covered so no one can see anything. Probably not the safest thing in the world to do, so I’m not really recommending it, just saying that’s what I do.
3) ADS and clamp at work. I wear my ADS at work. I use the very discrete Shunga Roll ADS so I can wear it without anyone knowing. I usually go to the bathroom and put it on when I get to work. I’ll wear it for 2-4 hours, then go back to the bathroom, take it off and clamp for 10 to 15 minutes. Then I take a short break for maybe half an hour, then put my ADS back on for another 2-4 hours. Then clamp again for 10 to 15 minutes. I end up going to the bathroom a lot throughout the day, but I’m getting pretty efficient about it and I rotate around the different bathrooms throughout the building, so no one really notices. If anyone Ever says anything to me I’ll just tell them that I have IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) ;-)

But it’s a good idea to stick to the newbie routine for at least the first 3 months before you try clamping and ADS or anything “advanced.”

Remember; be consistent and be careful.
Good luck and don’t give up.
Best regards,

Got Dick?

Wow! Thanks for all your responses. It really does mean a lot to me my fellow PE’ers!

Slipstream - Every minute does count! I may just have to switch to the rice sock then. Also, Maybe I don’t always have to heat up for 5 minutes. Maybe I could continue my afternoon routine with a 5 minute warm up/warm down but when I take my shower at night (after work) I could go without it. Then I could dig right into 100 wet jelqs or 8 minutes of stretching. I can’t stay in the shower too long or people around the house will become suspicious! :) This PE Ninja will keep striving for gains!

Maximillian2 - Even after 3 months of the newbie routine I’m most likely going to stick to jelqing and stretching. Obviously adding more time will be involved along with different/more advanced kinds of stretching, such as V stretches etc. Like I said in my first post, I’m not looking to improve my penis drastically. If I could just be above average, I’ll be very satisfied! Therefore, hopefully I can reach my goal without clamping or ADS. :D

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