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Frustrating after recovering from injury

Frustrating after recovering from injury

I did the newbie routine for 7 months and I decided to increase the amount of time I spent jelqing with less rest days. It went well for a month or so until the routine overworked my penis and took around 4 days to recover. After the injury, I went back to the newbie routine but with less jelqing since I did not want to stress it too much so soon. After a week, it was going well and I was going on vacation soon so I decided to add a third day of light jelqing that week. I have done this pre-injury many times before so I thought it would be fine. I overworked it again but after a night of rest it was fully recovered in the morning.

So I went on a week vacation and I used that as a week of extra recovery time. When I got back home, I started the newbie routine again and after the second day of light jelqing I overworked it again. It has healed after a day of recovery but this is becoming very frustrating for me. The newbie routine never gave me this much trouble and I have been doing lighter jelqs and a less amount of them too. I need some advice. Should I take a month off? Do light jelqs and multiple rest days in between?

My stats are about 5x5 now and the 9-10 months I been doing PE has increased my size especially my girth. I do not want to risk damaging my penis anymore and I would be content staying the size I am now rather than not having a working penis. What should I do?

What are your injury symptoms? Decreased EQ? Negative PI’s? Can’t get an erection? Maybe a little more information would be helpful.

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Well, the first time I got injured I was not able to get any sort of erection or blood into my penis. It took the next several days until it healed on it’s on. Then after I did less jelqs and used lighter pressure and I still overworked it two more times (could not get any erection/blood in my penis) although I did recover faster those times.

Sounds like you might need more than a few days of rest.

Try taking a week or two off and then start again.

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Originally Posted by fenix304

Sounds like you might need more than a few days of rest.

Try taking a week or two off and then start again.

I concur, although I’d proably recommend even more time off. Maybe some light massage, and warm compresses. Also maybe read some more in the newbie forum about the potential dangers of PE to some people. Yes, I realize you’re technically not a newbie, but something went wrong. Then if things seem to be working, start up again very slowly and carefully.

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My advice would be to stop jelqing for a while and just do stretches for length. Jelqing is probably safe but it seems like everytime someone kills their EQ its from jelqing. I only do dry jelqing because I don’t feel like I’m forcing blood the wrong way through veins that way. Based on your size I would focus mostly on length at this point anyway.

Something is going wrong I’m afraid. I thought I have recovered but the past couple days my erections have been weird. After that third time I overworked my penis and recovered later that day (from having no erection to a full one), my penis over the next couple days have been repeating that cycle. I would wake up and realize I can not get an erection again, then half a day later I can get a weak one, then back to no erection, then having another weak erection, then to having good morning wood, and then back to no erection.

I am hoping the next couple days it will recover normally but I never heard of this before and some input would be helpful.

I would give PE a rest for a good while. Try taking some aspirin, it thins the blood and it circulates more easily. If you have no pain or soreness, the problem might be psychological. I know I had a couple of scares that I injured myself and immediately tried to get an erection to no avail due to my panic. (worked fine a couple hours later when I wasn’t thinking about it.

Are you in a hurry? Take a few weeks off and just enjoy sex/masturbation.

I’ve only had one injury, a lymph vessel on top of my shaft became hard after an attempt at manual clamping 2-3 years ago and it took more than a month off for it to not pop right up as soon as I started jelqing. Even now, when I get a bit overzealous with jelqing, it is liable to rear it’s ugly head. My progress has been very slow because I keep taking large periods of time off, but I am not in a hurry so I will bide my time and do the minimum that still gives gains. Sooner or later I will get to where I want to be.

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How much did you gain?

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