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Thats a nice gain for such a short amount of time

I just still feel like I am not going to get any gains.I am so skeptical about this whole thing and in the back of my mind I feel that the only guys who get gains are the ones who do crazy shit like hanging 20 pound weights from their dicks or like using pumps or whatever and they get gains but in the process they really fuck themselves up.I realize that I don’t know a whole lot about this, but I hope that I am wrong and that I can get significant gains from the manual stuff over time

Honestly dude, I think a lot of PE has to do with your mindset. I believe maintaining positive thoughts and energy is a big part not only gaining but having a healthy penis. Having a positive attitude will make your workouts a shit ton better thus helping you with your gains. Even if you think this is bullshit (which its not) trick yourself into believing and KNOW it will work for you and nothing will stop you from your goals.


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