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So it’s been approximately eight months since I have consistently done PE. All I have been doing is jelqing and manual stretching up to this point. I wanted to complete one year on just the newbie routine alone to see how much I could gain before I look further into ADS and hanging and more elaborate manual exercises.

I never really took a good measurement and pictures when I started out but I would guess somewhere along the lines of about 5.35-5.5” BPEL measurements. Length is my primary concern at this point. On a good day I measure about 5.75” BPEL but sometimes It just seems like the measurements are based on how good my erection is.

My short term goal is to reach 6” BPEL by the end of this year which will mark my one year anniversary doing PE, and only using the newbie routine. I wanted to wait until the end of September before I take another measurement to mark my progress. It gets frustrating because I don’t even know if all my hard work has paid off at all. If I am gaining it is a very slow process!

My current routine is 30 minutes of manual stretching and 20 minutes of jelqing 2 on 1 off. Am I doing too little or too much?

I decided to only masturbate on my days off so that during my workouts I can achieve a better erection. I like to jelq at above 75% erection. Will also give up tobacco in the pursuit of a bigger dick! Throw me a line, please.


Are you warming up/down? Have you been changing uo your routine at all?

Maybe it could be time to take a decon break if you’ve seen no improvements in size. About a month should suffice. When you get back into PEing try doing a lot less; 10-15 minutes of various stretches, 10 minutes of jelqing. Your routine seems to have alot of volume, perhaps you are one of those who benefit more from less.

If all fails it may be time to look into more advanced methods.

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Your routine sounds very good assuming you’re doing warmup/warmdown.

Also i think you should do kegels too if you haven’t already been doing so.

Hehehe i’ve been saying this to everyone but i recommend you buy an ADS i got my 3 weeks ago and i FUCKING LOVE IT. Also it won’t interfere with your newbie routine at all. Best of all, there have been conclusive studies accepted by the medical community that ADS will increase your length if used diligently over a long time. Look into it!

Best of luck! :D

Sparkyx, I will definitely look into the links, thanks.

Tweek13, I have always been interested in ADS but really wanted to go a whole year before I try it out. What I am trying to do now is fine tune my newbie workout and gather more information along the way.

On a brighter note, I laid off the masturbation until my days off and it has improved my erections big time. I am fighting the urge to beat off after my jelqing sessions but I think it will pay off.

I cut down my stretching to 20 minutes as opposed to 30 minutes and kept my jelqing at 20 minutes. I am trying to get in the thought process of less is more but all I really want to do is more more more. Will have to do more research on that matter.


I read a post yesterday from a vet who said he’d been struggling for years with gains and finally decided to try the ‘less is more’ approach. He said it made a huge difference and his gains have improved dramatically. He also said it is very tempting to try to do lots again but every time he’s done it the results have been poor. Some people respond very well to more rest while others respond very well to brutal penis torture. It sounds like you may fail more into the former category. Goodluck working it all out :)

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