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Fresh out of school

Fresh out of school

Hi Thunder’s Place and all of the members. I’m College Student. I’ve only posted maybe twice since I joined a month ago. I’ve been reading a lot on the boards, just to get an idea of PE and how to post. I figured PE Basics would be a great place to start off with my introduction and a few questions.

1) I am 19 years old, just learned about PE, but knew about kegels from my father. My friend told me about this place because my EQ was very low thanks to medication I take.
2) My EQ has greatly increased thanks to some of the supplement forums and doing the newbie routine just a bit.
3) I know there is a forum where I can learn all of the short hand (PE, EG, NBPE, BPE, etc.) I just can’t happen to find it. If anyone could point me in the direction it would help a lot with my starting measurements.
4) How long should I do the newbie routine, and could I start using hangers and/or pumps if they really do help?
5) Are there any supplements or vitamins that can help PE, not EQ.

Thanks in advance for all of the help and support I know I’ll get from here.

P.S. I also work at a sex shop in a major city, and I see a lot of pumps, hollow strap-ons, and PE pills. I’ll post about them when the time is right because I still have questions as to many male enhancements.

3/ If you hover over the terms, you’ll see the description. Otherwise, go here: Penis Enlargement Glossary
4/ Until it stops bringing gains. Base every decision on whether you are gaining or not. Leave the equipment for a much later time, you may well not need it.

I’ll leave the other bits to other people.

I look forward to reading your post about work.

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