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Hello, guys. I have started stretching and jelqing for about 2 weeks (I am an active member since summer but with no success). I’ve got injured a couple of times, had some trouble with both jelqing and stretching. Now I stretch and jelq one day on one off. I did this for more then 3 weeks. No gains.

Do you think I should move on to the 2 days on 1 off frequency routine? I want a healthy PE, avoiding under and over training.

What approach did you take in the begining concerning this aspect?

1on 1off it’s ok, it’s what I do, stick to the newbie routine and wait at least 3 months, some people need more time in order to get gains, but if you’re consistent they will eventually come.


You should be able to do 2 on 1 off without any problem, and I think it’s better. I think that injuries is more about the intensity of each session, and not about the frequency. But of course, rest days is important.

Good luck with your future work.

Thanks, guys. Apreciated. Looking forward to hear more opinions.

2 injuries in such a short amount of time is a very bad sign. Something is wrong with your routine, at least for your physiology. Please provide more information about your sessions and the injuries you had.

Lig soreness (probably suspensory right one) caused by too intense stretching and stretching with the foreskin completely on. My jelqing wasn’t the best either in the beginning. I found it very difficult to get used to it. My erection level would go down suddenly and I would find myself jelqing flaccid (ouch). Both these injuries have manifested like lig soreness in the same spot, one after another.

I took off. When I recovered I started stretching with the foreskin partially covered. Now I get erect partially and need to cut stretching off. I only jelq in these cases. My jelqs are at 40-80% erection level. Sometimes I get kind of hard, sometimes I get a 45 degree angle or less. I am doing everything I can to control my erection levels.

Practically I PE (or try) since late august, but I wasn’t consistent and I also mispracticed the exercises. For about 3-4 weeks I PE systematically and all I got is a better EQ and harder erections. I’m young (20), so this can also be atributed to hormones as clemski said in another thread. I do recognise the benefit of kegels though, my tool seems harder than before. Jelqing might have contributed to this also.

Waiting to see some gains and contemplating wether to increase the frequency.

Current routine: 1 day on 1 day off.
- Warm shower warm-up
- Manual Stretches with foreskin partially retracted, grab right where the glans meets the shaft, about 20 seconds. (my foreskin kind of skips back along with my grip after a while, maybe head shrinkage or under foreskin moisture, don’t know). Sometimes I only manual stretch about 3 times because I get a semi.
- Wet jelqs at various erection levels. I feel expansion right above the grip at about 70%. When I don’t get that erect, I’m at about 40%. I try to jelq at a downward angle. (180-200 jelqs). I feel like if I do more it’s gonna be bad.
- Warm down - Hot shower - full body, hot water flowing on my tool till I finish cleaning.

I wet jelq with baby oil. I dry my tool after warm up because the baby-oil+water feel too slippery/good, thus I get an erection.

Any advice is more than welcome. Thanks for reading.

I think pegain is right.

Thanks, marinera.

Thanks for the thanks, iDare :) .

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