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Could anyone give me some advice
I have a pretty standard routine (stretching, jelqing, Ulis), and I do it for 5 days and I then take 2 days off.
I would like to know if you think it would be preferable to take only 1 day off, perhaps doing only 3 or 4 days of exercise.

I know this is out of context and I apologise, but I don´t know (or can´t) start a new thread

You can start threads in the Newbie Forum. After 20 posts and 14 days you’ll be able to start threads anywhere. :)

You should experiment and see what works best for you. Generally, stretching is more effective when done daily. More rest or a different split of on/off may be better for jelqing or Ulis. There isn’t a magic formula that works best for everyone. It’s probably better to err in the beginning on the side of too much rest instead of not enough.

Think of any combination of on/off routine schedule and somebody is doing it. I have changed mine many times and so will you. As long as your PE days out number your rest days for the week, you are OK. Have fun trying all the combinations!


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