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I’m thinking of removing the frenulum. It hurts sometimes when I have sex and it’s been bleeding sometimes. I think it’s to short, it even makes my glans point a little downwards when I got an erection, feels like it hinders my unit from growing lenghtwise in the tube when I am pumping, if the top of my penis could straiten out it would be longer. I was hoping for it to tear of when I had sex and it was bleeding and caused allot of pain but it didn’t, I got some scar tissue instead.

Do you guys think I should remove it?

Well, I have short frenulum and I didn’t remove it. Instead, I have stretched it by hard pulling foreskin back during the masturbation. I used some grease based on topic steroids which is designed especially for that kind of problems (had some tight foreskin also). I managed to lengthen it a bit, just enough not to give me any problems, now I can retract my foreskin few mm behind my glans, before it was impossible.

But, you have to be careful. I didn’t brake it during my exercises, but have attenuated it in the middle section, not so big problem, but you will have to wait for it to heal before you continue to lengthen it.

Start 5,9" (15cm) NBPEL 5,1" (13cm) EG

1.11.2010. 6,3" (16cm) NBPEL 5,2" (13,2) EG

Goal: ~7" (18cm) NBPEL ~6" (15cm) EG

I remember when I first started PE, my frenulum was hurting. There was a v split that was very painful. Whenever I am done PE, I would apply some ointment as a recovering treatment. After a while, the frenulum actually gets lengthen. Now I can roll my foreskin (I am uncut) down even more than I I ever could.

One thing you could try is warm up the area with hot water. Then slowly and gradually stretch out the area with your fingers.

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I had the same problem which cause no small discomfort while wearing condoms. I first Tried stretching but I was getting nowhere. I talked to a urologist about one of those topical steroid creams, but he didn’t recommend it because along with stretching the skin, it makes it thinner and more brittle. This, he said would increase the chance of repeated tearing the more you stretch it.

I did some research online and I found “frenulum tying”. Google it. I got the urologist to agree to do it and I’m very pleased with the result. There is no scar whatsoever on the underside of my glans as there is with a frenuloplasty, there is only a small flap of skin (the frenulum) on my foreskin which has shrunk to a third of its size 1.5 years after the procedure. Healing was done about a week and a half after the frenulum became “released”.

STARTING: BPEL: 5.9in EG: 5.0in

2016: BPEL: 6.25in EG: 5.25in

NOW (11/2017): BPEL: 6.7in EG: 5.3in

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