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Freaked out

Freaked out

Last night I was doing a jelqing session, nothing to routine just feeling it and doing what felt right. The room was dark and I couldn’t much see what I was doing but after I was done I went into the bathroom and noticed I had what looked like a huge bubble on the side of penis below my head. I was freaked out seeing this since I’m pretty new to PE. I went to bed last night freaked out and this morning when I woke up the bubble is mostly gone but now there is slight pain when I touch the area and there is excess skin that now is there. My question is has anyone seen something like this happen before and if so how long did it take for the pain/bubble to subside?

If it’s mostly gone, you should find the slight pain and excess skin will go in a couple of days or so. You don’t give enough info to try to work out what it was, but if it’s going quickly, there’s probably nothing to worry about. Have a rest from PE until it all feels normal, then start again slowly, and in the light! :)

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To be honest I really don’t have much info myself since I was doing it in the dark, dumb on my part but it might of been that I was jelqing with too strong of an erection since I was probably at about 70-75 percent. Also I was doing a combination of quick jelqs with long drawn out ones that might of caused a problem I’m not really sure but I appreciate the reply and encouraging words cause I was a bit perturbed when I saw what had happened. Thanks again and for sure will I be practicing my PE in the light from now on.

It sounds like a blister or some sort of sore. Probably you over did it. Like firegoat says, take a rest until things are back to normal. Then use some light!

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I would advise taking more time than you think you need as well. Not because I think you have seriously messed your self up; rather, because i think many serious injuries are due to not allowing miner things the chance to heal.

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Sounds like fluid accumulation in the foreskin to me. If PE is new to you, your penis still needs to get used to the new stress. I usually jelq before I go to bed, causing a slight “pumped” like effect, especially around my foreskin. The weird bubble-effect go away during the night for me.

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