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Frantic PE

Frantic PE

I notice with my busy schedule that sometimes I try to multi task while doing PE with what would look to an outsider extremely awkward. Things such as walking around in a towel trying to get my green tea made during the 5 minutes in between clamping sets, brushing my teeth, etc all trying to keep it within a few short minutes before my next set. Does anyone else have any odd habits they multi-task while PE?

I get in a short manual stretching session while I shave (my face) each morning with my electric razor.

While I shave the upper left of my face I pull my penis up to the left (with my free hand) and as I move along to the right side I pull to the right, while shaving below the chin I’m pulling straight down etc. until I end up with a clean shaven face and a good stretch in all directions.

Just trying to make the best use of my time, and to spread PE throughout the day as much as I can. I’m of the mindset (for stretching anyway) that small sessions spread throughout the day are better than one large session once a day. I can’t back that up for sure of course, but that’s the theory I’m testing for myself.

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cantlook I think you are 100% correct. I do the same thing stretching out the stretching exercises throughout the day.

I do BTC stretches while brushing my teeth. I have started hanging while on conference calls.

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Sometimes I’ll wake up and throw on a clamp since I have nice morning wood whilst I lay there. Or if no ones home I’ll clamp up whilst I make some food. Can’t really multitask whilst hanging, just watching movies, but may start to read boobs soon :)

Edit: Wow I wrote boobs instead of books. That is what you call a Freudian typo gentlemen.

I do some manual stretching when I brush my teeth, and I do some stretching after I’ve taken a piss, sometimes I do dry jelqs in bed if I got a hard on and some times I clamp it with my hand and jelq, some kind of squeeze dry jelq I guess, if I am in bed and got a hard one I might as well do some PE with it. And I like doing so BTB jelqing when I get the chance, in bed, when watching TV, when brushing my teeth etc. And I often sit on my unit (fowfers) and I do bed fowfers some nights. All those little extra things are probably helping some.

I’d like to know who it is that doesn’t multi-task.

Either they have nothing else going on in their life except PE, or they have a very effective and efficient routine that everyone should know about.


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