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Hey hey. Been doing PE for a while now and last exercise I complained about a burning sensation at the left side of my penis. I later discovered that night it was because I had a skin fracture under the shaft near the scrotum. Today when I did jelqs I started feeling pain again and I noticed that the skin fracture seem to have become more worse and it really stings in the shower due to the warm water being poured on it (obviously). My question is, is it normal to get a skin fracture at that particular area, can it be prevented somehow? And how long should I lay off PE to consider it healed? I do jelqs in the shower with lots of soap at the moment, I think it’s a good substitute for lube or anything else similar. I’m not sure why I fracture the skin though?! Don’t know if I’m sort of pulling the pubic hairs when I jelq (not that much hair either, I shaved many weeks ago). I made it to 150 jelqs at least. I guess that is something.

Thanks for a great forum, you guys rock :) .

Soap is one of the worst things you can jelq with; it drys the skin out and makes it much weaker. That is probably the cause of your problem.

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Unless you’re cleaning Kool and the Gang, keep the soap far away.


When I was a kid I tried masturbating with soap, bad idea. Not only irritated my urethra (burning sensation when peeing for 2-3 days) but also my skin.

Isn’t that fracture in fenulum area?

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Oh thanks guys. Then the soap is out :P. Where is the fenulum area? :)

Hey anonymous, I’m a newbie too. If you don’t want to try lube then take a shot at a natural oil. I used coconut oil and it was great and it’s awesome for your skin. It’s also going to condition your skin, which should help with the stretching. I remember reading that one guy here uses olive oil. I know there are several threads on good lubes, just read up.

And I’ll second the soap deal. I jacked off as a kid with soap too. Yikes.

Ahhh nice thanks :) . I’ll see if I can find coconut oil then :) .

Soap hurts. By the way the frenulum is the little flap of skin on the underside of the glans.

Are you sure you’re 18? I think every male who’s gone through puberty has a soap/shampoo masturbation mishap burned into their memory and has no desire to repeatedly stroke themselves with it ever again :D

If you have to do it in the shower, turn your back to the water and use some kind of lube (maybe try a water-based lube like KY).

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