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Fowhers All DayStretch Warm up

Fowhers All DayStretch Warm up

Hey guys, I was looking for more input on Fowhers. I’ve started really liking them and have been working on my time doing them. Has anyone ever used these as a long warm-up process. I generate mad heat between my thighs and when I tuck it all the way to my butt crack for 20 minutes or so it gets super heated and ready for exercises. Trying to become more of a shower than a grower. I want to work up to doing these at night, well until my toss and turns lets it free. Also should I be tucking at times and trying to actively stretch? I.e. Tucking when my body is at a 90 degree or so angle and standing straight or laying straight afterwards? Thanks guys

If you’re looking for more info or doing a search you’ll need to look for fowFers.

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Oops I had a total brain lapse spelling that. Thanks, any articles you recommend?


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