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Two questions: (1) Can I perform fowfers after a PE session, or should I wait? (2) Should I warm up before I do fowfers? (3) How many minutes should I start off with, e.g. 20 minutes.

Thank You

(1) Yes or wait… You can do them when they are convenient.
(2) Ideally you’d always warm up before any PE. But I always found fowfers to be not so strenuous, and that if completely cold, a not so intense (ie not stretch it as much) fowfer was a good idea to start off with.
(3) Start with less and work your way up. I think I started at 5 minutes and worked my way up within a matter of weeks to 20 minutes when I was fowfering a lot. I always came out of the fowfer at about 20 minutes max just to make sure circulation was good.

Happy Fowfering!

You can do fowfers any time you like. I like doing fowfers after a PE session I got a bigger flaccid then and it feels like it stretch better when I do fowfers then.

Thank you all!

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