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When I do them the dick has to go between my balls is this common or is that how it supposed OR be?

I pull my balls to the side with one hand, grab my dick with the other hand, and pull my dick under my ass cheek. I then sit down on my dick and slide my pelvis forward if I want to increase intensity. You should do a search and read up on fowfers well as it comes with cautions as sitting on your dick can cut off some circulation. I don’t pull my dick between my balls—-ouch. There may be some who do that however.

Not me!

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Ouch!!! Pull your balls to the side, one way or the other!! Then pull your dick back. I don’t sit on mine. I just pull it all the way back and hold the stretch for a half minute or so. If you decide to sit on it, be sure you don’t cut off the circulation. I believe most lazy ass stretchers get up to shake it out every fifteen minutes or so. BTW, in the process I get a good nut stretch.


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