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fowfers Questions(fowfer pros please help)

fowfers Questions(fowfer pros please help)

Is it good to fowfer on rest days? or will it just mess up the healing process? what is a good amount of time to fowfer? a half an hour? is it possible to over-fowfer? (sometimes i get scared that I’m going to cut the circulation permenatly or something.)


I have searched for an answer to this myself and I haven’t found much that “directly” answers the question. Most people say that a rest day means “total rest”, absolutely no stretches, kegels, ect. I have heard other people say that kegeling and light stretching is fine on rest days. Are there any veterans out there with a lot of fowfer experience that can enlighten us with their extensive knowledge?

I don’t think you’ll find any definitive answer. You have to try by yourself, unfortunately. My guess, for what is worth, is that fowfers don’t tax your penis that much so you can do them even in your rest days.

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