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FOWFERS good for actual length gains?

FOWFERS good for actual length gains?

Hello all

As I have posted before I am not new to PE really. Got most of my gains in my 30’s. I only knew jelqing and manual pumps. I’m now 45 years old. I am really looking forward to trying all the new methods I’ve found here on thunders. I seek to reduce any chance of shrinkage due to age and keep myself sexually healthy. My routine is basically 200 wet jelqs per day, every day in the shower ( turned back to water/combo Vaseline and baby oil for lube) this is followed by the newbie stretches and the v-stretches.
My Question????
FOWFERS/ BTL stretches; are they known to be good for actual length gain or are they most helpful just to keep the penis in a non-turtled state? In the past I never worried about turtling and it never seemed to hold me back. If they are good for actual length gains I’m looking to incorporate it. If not I have privacy issues that make it difficult to arrange, If so I’ll find a way.

I believe Fowfers help with flaccid length, but probably not much with erect length, other than keeping the micro tears extended. A good ADS will do this better, but Fowfers are cheap.

Also, they are easy to do in stealth. Don’t wear underwear, and you will be surprised how easy it is to unzip, do a quick tuck and zip up especially if you work at a desk job. Wear a long shirt tail and you don’t even have to re-zip. Do them in you car and bed Fowfers. I believe they really help, but are no replacement for a good ADS.

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Interestingly I never seemed to have an increase in flaccid length. Even now doing the newbie stretches my flaccid increase is only temporary, only a few minutes after a sesion. I don’t personally really care about flaccid but only erect lenght. So am I right that it (fowfers)probably won’t help that goal?

So is there anyone out there who can prove, or disprove the theory that Fowfers are only good for flaccid gains?

I feel these stretches are SO under-rated! I have done these my last couple of sessions, and feel they will play a pivotal role if I am to continue to nor away at this PE thing for the rest of my life!

I have read all the threads the search threw up to me. Some only talk about flaccid length benefits, and debate weather they are actually good for erect length (lets face it, that’s what we’re here for!)

I don’t do the traditional Fowfer, it’s modified a little. Well basically I am just stretching the little fella down, and using my thighs to stretch him down basically instead of my hands. It feels just like I am stretching it, only I can use even MORE force because my legs are stronger! However if these are only going to help flaccid I feel they would be a waste of time - my flaccid cock responds well to everything else in PE so that has been taken care of.

So has anyone gotten erect gains from these? I don’t see why not- after all, at the end of they day it is just stretching with added intensity?


d_sut you are begging the question. I hope you get replies. I still do fowfers occasionally but like you I only really care about erect gains.

They are just so easy, well compared to any other manual stretch which forces you to hold a certain uncomfortable position for however long, you can do these with both hands free, and keep it stretched hard for however long you like!

Whats not to like about them? I am incorporating them into my routine in a big way (it’s going to take up at least half of total stretching time). I am quiet confident gains are going to come from these.


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