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Can I just say that I love this exercise?! It can be done virtually anywhere, leaves your hands unused and clean, and feels great while you are doing it! I tip my hat to Fow, the creator (if I am not mistaken) for devising this great tool.

Any insight from the collective on this? I am a newbie and doing PE for less than a week now but I have been doing it all day (not constantly) and some of yesterday.

Will this largely only impact flacid length?

No its a stretch like all the others, it works in the same way as using an ADS. I am not sure how much pressure or pull power you can get just sitting on it, but it is a stretch none the less.

When I first started back serious with PE I gained half and inch in length just using an ADS for 4 months. I did nothing else. When I hit a plateau I started doing other PE stuff and now I’m gaining again.

Current 5.5 NBPEL x 5.75 Base EG - 5.25 MSEG 7" BPSFL

Short Term Goal 6 NBPEL x 6 MPEG

Long Term Goal 8 NBPEL x 7 MPEG (why not dream BIG?)

This exercise is mainly for flaccid gains. It pulls/stretches your upper ligs which loosens them. When this happens over time, some of your hidden inner penis drops down, making your flaccid longer. Why it doesn’t help with erect gains is because part of the extra length you gain while erect comes from your upper ligs being stretched by the erection and as they are pulled/stretched, inner penis comes out with it. Since the fowfer/LAS exercise has already pulled some of that inner penis out, there is less inner penis available to come out when erect. There is zero net gain when erect. The good news is that most guys prefer to be showers not growers, and this is a great way to become one. You are flaccid probably 99% of the time, so carrying around a nice flaccid package is a good thing.

BPEL: 7.3", Meg: 6.3", FL: 6", Mfg: 5.5"

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