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Hey guys. I’ve been looking into fowfers to increase my flacid size, but would just like to ask a couple of questions first. Firstly, has anyone actually gained a noticable amount of size whilst preforming fowfers? If so, how long did it take to gain whatever amount of length you gained? Also, I wanted to know the correct method to doing these stretches. Are you supposed to move your testicles to one side, and pull your penis away from them, and then under your ass? I can’t seem to manage this without sitting on my nuts!! Could you even just pull it to the side and sit on it with your leg? Thanks a lot!

I suppose you did a search already. Right? The search I did was with the “advanced search” page (link at the bottom of the drop down search menu at the top of every page). I limited the search to “titles only” by using the menu below the search term box on the left. My search term was “fowfer.” I got about 25 threads. Not all of them will be what you’re looking for, but there aren’t that many and you should be able to pick out the interesting ones by their title.

I also assume you found this link stuck to the top of the Newbie Forum:

START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

On that page is a link to this: A Quickstart Guide to Manual Exercises

On that one is a description of the Fowfer and a link to Fow1’s original post about it.

Your comfort level with this technique will vary depending on how loose your scrotum is. Some guys have to pull everything to the side and put the penis under their leg. Others are able to go between the testicles and pull the penis all the way back to their anus.

If you’re circumcised the glans can take an imprint from whatever you’re sitting on. I once did this with a terrycloth towel and for a short time afterward my glans had little impressions from the loops of thread after I released it. Sitting on something smooth might make things a bit more comfortable. Be sure to check your circulation and don’t sit on it for more than about 15 minutes without a break.

I’ve been doing fowfers for a while. A few weeks I guess. Anyway, is it normal for your testicles to go up under your skin to your pubic bone (right beside the penis). Because whenever I fowfer, I tend to notice that when I put my penis between my testicles (most comfortable position), my testicles “ride up” under the skin, and kind of stay between my pubic bone and skin on either side of the base. It doesn’t hurt or anything, I was just wondering if it was normal/safe.

My testes tend to hurt while fowfering, I don’t think that’s a good sign so I quit them.

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I thought I was the only one who had their testicles rise up to the pubic bone area, only when it happens to me it definitely is uncomfortable.

Mine go up a little bit too, not enough to be painful. When it is uncomfortable, I gently pull my scrotum out from under where my dick is being stretched. That seems to liberate my balls enough to prevent pain. For those for whom it is painful, maybe if you warm up the scrotum a little before hand, you’ll free up more space outside your body for them to hang while fowfering.

If I remember correctly, this area by the pubic bone is where most of our testicles were before puberty, and then they dropped down when our body began producing sperm to help regulate the ideal temperature to keep the sperm alive and healthy. The thing is, I imagine our testicles now are larger than when they were inside our body to begin with. And, well, that’s a good thing in most cases.

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is bit bad to do fowfer if your LOT is low?

I associate a lot of my recent gains with fowfers, particularly bed-fowfers.

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