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Fowfer Help Please

Fowfer Help Please

Hey guys I’ve been looking for awhile and can’t find any really useful information on Fowfers. What I want to know is;

What all do fowfers help improve? FL, FG, EL, EG?

Do they help work out a curve?

Should/Could they count as manual stretches in a routine? (I can get a lot more time into stretching using these as I sit at my computer)

Any other added information would be greatly appreciated.



Some good info here. Fowfers are King!

I think that will answer your questions.

Originally Posted by Gonnabe9x6


WOW - impatient, after 2 hours of no reply.

The, we want it now generation.

Thanks a lot gigolo!

That completely answered my questions.

And yes gerg want it, and want it NOW

Including my ginormous dong. (Well maybe I can wait on that)

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