Found my routine.

I’ve finally found a routine that works well for me:

I’m really happy with my constantly improved EQ and just thought i’d share my enthusiasm.

My routine as follows:

Hanging: 2x 20 minute sets at 3lb using an IR light throughout the session.

Immediately followed by 60 Jelqs at 70% erection level, still keeping the IR light on.

Next: 15 minutes of pumping at 4HG

Finally: 3 x 5 minute light clamping sets, 5 notches from closed on a base girth of 6 inches, edging throughout.

I’m getting no post exercise turtling, huge thick flaccid and easy erections. My unit is 0.3 inches thicker since I began this last week, though, obviously that could be post pump/clamp enlargement, but… it’s all good :)

In total i’ve gained 0.6 inches of girth and 0.7 inches of length in two years with a pretty inconsistent regime. Although the above routine isn’t for “newbies” I do think if used lightly/in moderation any of the above tools can be used early on in people’s PE careers.