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Former Jelqer, Getting Back into PE

Former Jelqer, Getting Back into PE

Hello, Sages of PE

A while back I decided to get back into the practice of PE using streches and jelqing. I have done this in the past and would spend 2-3 weeks jelqing but would stop due to no good reason, only to start again after a period of time. I guess I’m not necessarily a newbie to jelqing, but now I have a special lady in my life and I have been more motivated than ever. Since we agreed to take things slowly I decided to return to my exercises so when she is ready she’ll get more.. Well, bang for her buck. Since then I found this site and am really glad I did. It’s like a gold mine of info for PE. I’ve read a lot of the information here, but still have quite a lot to learn.

Anyway, I am 20 years old, 6 in. Long and 5.5 in girth. I’m not trying to get huge measurements from this, but just a bit larger. It’s almost been two weeks since I started PE again, and I’ve increased the length of my sessions by a little. My current session consists of:

5-10 minutes stretching
30 minutes jelq squeeze with Vaseline (I’d just like to mention this is what I have ALWAYS done in the past before I knew the other jelqs)
10+ minute “finish”

I stay completely focused when I do this, and have been paying more attention since I am more determined. I can tell when flaccid I have gained girth, and the only marks I have are redness at the head and a little bruising there as well. Honestly, I’m thinking about going to 15 minute jelqing sessions, but twice a day. If I do, it won’t be soon (unless suggested). My finish consists of gentle squeezing along the shaft and a few gentle pulls. I then let it sit underneath warm running water in the tub or sometimes take a warm shower for (at least) 5 minutes.

My first question involves the jelq squeeze. When doing it I hold the skin at the base as the other hand does the motions, but sometimes I squeeze the base a little. Is it better to just hold the base or squeeze it a little/lot?
The second question is about a little stretch I do. After the hand doing the jelqing motions has moved up the shaft and reached the bottom of the head, I sometimes stretch the shaft and hold it for about 2 seconds. Is it ok to do this? If so, is there anything else I should do, like hold/squeeze the base as I do it?

That’s the current exercise. It’s basically what I had done in the past. Please let me know what I’m doing anything right or wrong, or if there’s more I can do.

My other questions involve PE: one is new, and the other is old.

My new question involves masturbation. I read on some webpage (the one that led me here, actually) that after an orgasm, the penis retracts into the body a little. So if you masturbate before PE, would you receive a little more benefit from it, since you’re stretching it away from the body as it would normally be pulled in a bit? It would also provide you with a “warm up”, but would blood flow be a little difficult to maintain during the exercises, apart and aside from whatever other drawbacks there would be (and I’m sure there’s more).

My old question is about pills. Now, as a guy who exercises and works out I understand that it’s best for a body to take in nutrients after a workout, whether it be a protein shake or just a glass of milk. There’s a lot of pills out there that claim to provide the genitals with supplements that will make it healthier, bigger, and whatnot. So after a thorough stretching and jelqing would it be good to provide the body with one of these pills? They do focus on the genitals and provide it with what it supposedly needs, and maybe could provide a little more result. But I keep thinking to myself that the pills just wouldn’t do anything. I’ve also heard that sometimes they can only affect one part of the penis, leaving it out of proportion, which is something I’d like to avoid at all costs.

I’m sure I have more questions, but I can’t think of any right now. It feels good starting PE again, and I’m glad I found this site to help me. Thanks for the help!

I would ignore the “jelq squeeze”, and read this, and follow the routine contained therein - START HERE ——-> NEWBIE ROUTINE <——- Important Newbie Threads/Info

New question - masturbation doesnt affect gains either way. However jerking off before may stop you being able to jelq with a high enough erection level.

Old question - ALL the penis pills are crap, and vastly overpriced. Supplements may or may not help gains, check the supplements forum for more info.

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