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It’s impossible for me to get a good stretch because of my foreskin, any tips?

Use the search button, top right of every page, and click on “advanced search.” On that page enter “foreskin stretch” in the search box on the left and in the lower right part of the window limit searches to the Newbie forum. You’ll get a half dozen pages of threads containing those words. Look at the titles and see which ones interest you. Read them.

This is how forum users find information. The question you’ve asked is not new. Do your own research rather than asking it again. Please and thank you!

Sorry I knew that, I just like answers directed towards me. :p

I simply make sure my dick is clean and dry, pull the foreskin back as far as possible, and then use a palm-down OK grip to grab just behind the glans. It works well for me.

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Pull it slightly back, and take a good grip and pull. Baby powder, chalk and tissue all help to increase your grip for the stretch.

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