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So, I’ve been stretching the skin while I’m erect, and have already noticed a large ammount of extra skin, both flacid and erect. My question is that will this extra eventualy “fold” into a regenerated foreskin in time, or am I goign to have to guide it while it grows? Also, will it stay covering the head by it’s self, or will I have to use some sort of divice to get it to stay? Thanks!

Someone has to have some experience with this!

In vacuum pumping, this extra skin is refered to as a donut. Combining it with foreskin restoration methods will eventually lead to skin to hood the glans cap. Do a google search on t taping.


Grow enough shaft skin and it will fold over similar to a natural foreskin. If you are purposefully trying to restore your foreskin, you should do some studying up on it. There are many websites that specifically deal with foreskin restoration. Most are just a “google” away. I have been restoring for a long time now and have partial coverage at times. You really have to have alot of skin to have even flaccid coverage. I did not even realize myself just how much skin it takes til just recently. I believe I have read that the average amount of skin removed by circumcision is about 40% of the total surface skin of the penis, although that certainly varies, I’m sure, so however much skin you have now you pretty much have to double it. It is a huge time investment and, yes, you are going to have to do specific types of stretching exercises to guide the regeneration of the skin to make it look natural. Again, start doing some studying. You can start here:

Is it happened to all cut and uncut men?

Thank for your replies..

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Repeated stretching of the skin will cause it to lengthen, whether you are cut or uncut. I personally believe that all circumcised men should at least do some skin expansion. It is my belief that overly tight shaft skin inhibits PE gains and causes some loss of sensitivity during sexual activity. Anyone who has ever popped a boner while cross taped will certainly attest that skin is not as stretchy as some people believe. As for sensitivity loss… some of the sexual nerve receptors of the penis respond to stretching stimulation, so if the skin isn’t slack enough to move, those nerves aren’t firing off. Even if you do not desire a restored foreskin, my recommendation is to do some type of skin stretching until you have some slack. You won’t regret it.

Since I started jelqing, I have gained probably an inch in extra foreskin, covering 1/2” of the head of my dick. I kind of like it. I didnt do it intentionally but I like the results.

Oh yeah my wife likes it when she is stroking my cock to feel that extra skin

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

My wife likes it, too. She has never been with an uncut guy, and I think it is novel to her, which is a good thing after 11 years of marriage. I am nowhere near finished restoring, but I — and she— can pull the skin all the way over the head when I am erect now. She calls it “her new toy”.

So now there is enough to reach over the head, but there isn’t enough for it to stay in place with out me holding it. Is there any sort of divice that I could use to have it stay by it’s self?

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