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Foreskin Restore

Foreskin Restore

I am a cut guy, and i want to restore my foreskin…

How is it possible?

Is it possible just by stretcjing the skin under my glans?

I don’t think you will get the results you want. I think because of the the way it would heal, it would never be the same as if you had not gotten circumsized. Something about it being a lot more sensitive is what I’ve heard from buddies. I don’t think you can gain back ever. Maybe that’s not why you want it though. I’m sure something like that is possible. Anything is right? Someone tell me how to make my balls bigger… :D

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Do a search.

donkey23 - You’ll find lots of information here and on the Internet with a search using “foreskin restoration” as the search term.

ck10n3 - You’re right that a restored foreskin isn’t like the original, but it is possible to do.

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