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Foreskin questions

Foreskin questions


I have a few questions regarding the foreskin. I’m uncut and I’m worried that through jelqing and stretching (what my current routine consists of) I will be pulling too much on the skin of the shaft and not so much on the real tissue, thus increasing my foreskin.

Have any of you had this problem?

Thank you for your time

Your skin is very elastic. At the start of PE, I felt the same way about this.

However, you need the skin to adapt if you want your cock to grow, right?

And also, having a little more foresking isn’t that bad of a thing in my opinion.

I keep it tugged back a little when jelqing. ULIs and dry jelqs work a lot better for you when you’re uncut. Just try to minimalize the stretch of the skin, especially during stretching sessions. I pull mine back just a little to get a better grip behind the head.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

when I would do wets, I would try and pull the skin all the way back before going forward.

Thank you very much guys!

I was also thinking: since I generally am easily excited and aroused during sex casing me to ejaculate pretty fast, could the sensitivity of the glans be the cause of this? I mean is it possible to have a too sensitive glans due to it being covered the majority of time? If so I was thinking that this could be helped by not covering up the glans with foreskin during the day (say wrapping the skin behind the head a little). Do you think it’s a good idea?

I am uncut and I am having the same problem. During streching, I think, I am pulling too much on my skin and not on real tissue.

Any help from uncut vets?

How fast you ejaculate has nothing to do whether you are circumcized or not.

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