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Foreskin queries

Foreskin queries

Do I need to do anything differently as I am uncut? I sometimes pull back the foreskin to jelq but I was wondering that if I don’t stretch the skin it might stop the gains?

Any comments lads?

I doubt you’re going to stop any gains if you don’t stretch the skin, but you do need to stretch it or it just won’t ‘fit’!

An example would be my lack of underside skin stretching. This didn’t stop me gaining, but cause the hair creep and I’m still not totally done with fixing it. I find it extremely annoying when scrotum skin is borrowed giving the turkey neck effect.

I am also uncut, and find that it has been no disadvantage. I also usually jelq with the skin pulled back, because the glans gets so huge when worked that it’s a little uncomfortable for the skin covering it.

On the whole I’d recommend you keep the glans covered when you PE, and if you get skin stretch go with it. You’ll need it eventually!

I don’t pull back when I manual stretch because I just can’t stand the pain if I would hold onto my head. Is this bad?

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