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Foreskin From Stretching

Foreskin From Stretching

I was on a different PE site, and it gave a work out for foreskin regrowth. All you did was get an erection, then pull the skin extreamly tight for 10 seconds. It then said repeat a few times, a few days a week. Can any body tell me if this actually works. It mentioned that it would take a realy long time, though. Thanks!

It’s possible. You don’t need to get an erection. Do an Internet search for “foreskin restoration” and you’ll get lots of information.

I know about different methods, but this one just sounded intresting since it didn’t invlove stretching the part closer to where the original was. I jsut wasn’t sure if stretching the whole ammount of skin, then hoping it folds over would actually work.

Well I have gained about 3/8s inch of foreskin from hanging 10lb of weight. There are also pumping ways to get it back never tried it but I have seen someone do it. The thing is you don’t get the feeling back like before circumcision. but some of us never got a chance to see what it was like.

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I have used a foreskin restoration method called T-taping, off and on for the past nine years. I now have full coverage most of the time.

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Respectfully, foreskin restoration can give you alot of sensitivity. I have been restoring for 18 months and have coverage most of the time now. My sensitivity has increased dramatically, not to mention how good masturbation feels when you have skin to slide up and down over the head. It is definitely worth the time and energy to regrow your foreskin. A simple web search will give you all the info you need to motivate you and get you started on the road to being whole again.

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