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foreskin for hanging?

foreskin for hanging?

I was reading the other day on hanging, and someone said something like one of the biggest things you have to worry about when you hang is having enough extra skin or something, like extra loose skin so your dick has enough room to grow. I was wondering if someone would inform me on exactly what they were talking about and how to get this extra skin I need to hang. thnkz

Just wondering why this post got put in the NEWBIE FORUM! was it the thnkz? I can’t say thnkz in this forum w/ out my post getting put in the newbie forum!? I’d apreciate someone letting me know. Thanks…

If when you stretch your dick hard you’re mostly stretching skin then when you start hanging you will grow skin first instead of dick. With hanging you will pull skin from your scrotum and pubic area onto your shaft, this skin slightly thicker but is hairy. If you don’t want that you can manual stretch your shaftskin by using one hand to hold on to your shaftskin and the other to pull.

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