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Foreskin and Clamping

Foreskin and Clamping

I’ve been habitually retracting my foreskin while clamping, so that I can keep a good eye on the pressure built up in the head. Well, during my last clamping session on a whim I attempted to roll my foreskin back over the head and was unable to. I believe that I was unable to pull the foreskin back over the head because the head was engorged enough to prevent the foreskin from stretching wide enough, as opposed to the clamp anchoring my foreskin so, in effect there wouldn’t be enough length left to pull back over the head.

I am wondering if I will encounter any problems from clamping in this way, especially if my foreskin does not keep up to accommodate a thicker head? Or is this an absurd idea? Any comments from uncut clampers and their methods would help me greatly!

BTW-Great site, good community.


I am not telling you to stop clamping, but it does seem a little early for this. You may be an old vet and been doing it for years, but if you havn’t, I would not do it for atleast six months into this “program”. Your dick needs to be well conditioned for clamping. It builds an awfully lot of pressure that could be a road to injury if you are not careful or conditioned for it. Again, I am not telling you to stop, just be careful.

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