Force vs time: new device routine

Well, first I know that exercises or diet or drugs affect everyone differently, so it goes without saying that I know that PE is not a one size fits all endeavor (excuse the pun). That said, here’s what seems to be working for me and what has given me some trouble.

Years ago I tried a popular noose style extender. I have never been able to go longer than 20 minutes in that “the Iron Maiden” noose because tight enough to grip meant blue and cold and OW!. I started jelqing last year with modest initial gains (probably mostly lig stretch) but began after a couple of weeks to realize that I was feeling a bit numb down there and not having erections as solidly as normal. I know the anatomy and was careful enough to avoid undue pressure on the neck near the glans, but nevertheless.. Bad signs. Luckily back to normal after a couple weeks off, but got the same results again in two days when I restarted. Needless to say, nooses and jelqing are now on my NO list.

It put me in mind of something I encountered years ago stretching out a piercing. I tried to gauge up too quickly and my body reacted by actually shrinking the size of the piercing. When I put in a smaller piece of jewelry and left it alone a month, I discovered that not only had the skin relaxed, but it had in fact stretched some from the small but constant pressure, so the “cure” was to back off.

Then a month or so back, I discovered something (that I’ve since seen mentioned here at Thunders) which might let me go back to the Jes. It’s a device using a cap and silicone sleeve to hold the penis in place rather than that choking noose and can be used on the old Jes frame. I hate to be an advert, so if anyone has questions on specifics, mail me off thread.

With the new attachment I am able to use the old traction device for hours at a time and not just at low traction. The only two issues I have are:
1. It’s a pain in the ass to take it off and put back on when it’s time to hit the john.
2. The silicone sleeve holds the skin near the glans in stasis while the skin of proximal portion of the penis near the base is stretched most which means potential hair creep and turkeyneck. Grrrr.

I am getting better at technique which partially addresses concern #1.

As for concern #2, I have begun using one of the dual tension devices used primarily for foreskin restoration. It places tension primarily on the skin of the distal penis near the glans. Hopefully this will offset some of the undesireable skin stretch of the traction device.

I wear the dual tension restoration device 4 or 5 hrs at the beginning of the day, then the traction silicone sleeve and cap pulled taught by a strap until I can put on the actual jes traction frame in the evening and do higher tension then.

I’d have to say the new devices (both) get kudos for being USEABLE without being miserable. And the ability to use the cap and sleeve without the frame as an option mean I can wear it under clothes when need be. As an added bonus, the varied tugging from walking while wearing the strap in the afternoon I think, has made a positive difference in my erection quality.

I haven’t worn the devices long enough to speak on their speed or effectiveness, but because I can wear them at moderate tension for hours at a time each day, I have high hopes. I’ll keep everyone posted on any major routine adjustments, disasters or breakthroughs.

Oh, one final caveat. The sleeve and cap actually have “length” so mean you’ll need more bars on your traction frame. For guys already near maxing a frame, that could mean the cost of a few added bars.

Best wishes and good gains to all.